You never know what kind of treasures you can find when cleaning out a relative's basement.  In this case, it was a bit of a time capsule.

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Cleaning out a basement never sounds like a good time.  Imagine what you're going to end up cleaning.  Often, they're dark and sometimes damp and normally the stuff that people keep down there is old and unused for years.

But this find is pretty cool.

A person wrote on Reddit that while cleaning out the basement of a relative that passed away, they found this.



Unopened Case of Iroquois Beer
by u/TuggersTheCat in Buffalo

It's an entire case of Iroquois Beer!  Not one bottle is missing and they're all still full of beer.

"A relative passed away a couple years ago. They lived in my grandparents old house, so it was full of family history and stuff. While cleaning out the basement a full case of Iroquois Beer was found!"

What is Iroquois Beer?

In the '50s and '60's here in Buffalo, it's what just about everyone drank.  It was one of the original Buffalo Breweries. Iroquois was started in 1892 by Jacob Roos and was originally located between Hickory and Pratt Streets in Buffalo, According to Train Resource, it outlasted just about every other local brewery.

"At the time of its closing in 1971, Iroquois had outlived all other Buffalo breweries except for the William Simon Brewing Company, which closed a year later."

Their two most popular beers were Iroquois Ale and Tomahawk Ale.  According to Buffalo Spree it was outpriced by some mega-breweries and that was what lead to its closing in 1971.


There are so many questions

When something like this comes up, there are a ton of questions.  Like, how old is that case?  What would it taste like if you drank it?  How much would it be worth considering they're all there and unopened? How long was this person's grandparent looking for that case of beer that they knew they bought?

Would you drink one of these bottles just to say you did it?

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