Growing up in the 70's, one of my favorite hobbies was going to rock concerts. Once I got into my mid to late teens, I was working and always had money to buy concert tickets. I used to live for going to shows. Recently, I found some concert ticket stubs from some of my favorite concerts. Take a look and tell if you recognize any of the acts? Were you also at any of these concerts? If you look at the ticket stub from the Neil Young show, you may remember Tanya Tucker opening up for that show. I actually emceed that concert and ended up partying with Tanya Tucker all night. We stole quite a few beers from Neil Young's dressing room and we got away with it. I spoke with Tanya a few years ago and she has vivid memories of that night. What a great time!

If you have any photo's of ticket stubs from any your favorite concerts, you can email those to me at:

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