If you love to sing and have always dreamed of performing the National Anthem at game or event, there is a vocal workshop happening this weekend in Orchard Park.

Imagine, there you are in front of 80,000 fans and it is your moment to shine and honor America with a performance of the National Anthem. Bello-Voice Studio in Orchard Park is offering a 2 hour workshop Saturday.

Fee will be $50/cash or check only made out to Bello-Voice-Studio. We are very excited about this workshop as we were interviewed by The New York Post in an article on Tips for auditioning for the National Anthem!
(Limited space available for this workshop includes water and snacks)

Our 5 year old son, Hank, has been getting a few lessons from the coaches at Bello and he is having a ball! It really is a great place for anyone who wants to get a start on a singing career or perhaps have some fun and sharpen the skills you already have!

The National Anthem is one of the hardest songs to sing in any setting. But hats off to those who have the confidence to do it in front of thousands. If you have been to a Buffalo Bills game this season, you got to see some very talented singers. Even Buffalo Singing Cops sang prior to a game during the regular season! Below is a list of celebrities who have performed the National Anthem in the past year in a variety of events.

National Anthem Performances From 2021

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