The most fun part of the NFL off-season is almost over. The last big event will be the 2023 schedule release next Thursday. After that, we have nothing but minicamp and off-season workouts.

The NFL released their off-season schedule for all teams, with the Bills holding their rookie minicamp on May 12th and 13th. The mandatory minicamp for the entire Bills roster will be June 13-15.

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It's still unclear whether or not the Bills will have the services of edge rusher Von Miller by week 1. Miller suffered an ACL injury and had surgery in late November of 2022. That's normally a 9-10 month recovery for a physically fit athlete, in terms of game shape, which means that it's iffy whether or not Miller would be ready. If not, he likely will start the season on the PUP list.

However, Miller is making sure that he is ready by week 1. He looks ahead of schedule based on this crazy workout video that is making the rounds on Twitter today.

Miller was also working out with WWE's Shane McMahon, who is also recovering from an injury.

It looks like Von Miller is making sure that he is going to be ready by week 1.

It's been five months since his ACL surgery, so he's good to go in terms of just daily activities, but not there for NFL game action. Miller has come back from ACL surgery in nine months before, so he has proven it can be done.

Von Miller is on the track to be back in time.

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