Earlier this month Governor Cuomo asked New Yorkers to make a public service announcement video encouraging the use of masks.

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The "Wear a Mask New York" contest has been narrowed down to five finalists, and while all the PSA's look different, the message is the same -- wear your mask.

All five of the videos are posted online and people can vote for their favorites from now until May 25. The winner will be announced on May 26.

You can vote for your favorite at this link.

Here are the videos (you will have to cast your vote on the voting page though!). There's definitely a lot of creativity and talent in New York!

That Guy - Plastic Tree Productions: This PSA cautions against being THAT GUY, and we've all seen him out, and backed away quickly as a result.

You Can Still Smile - Natalia Bougadellis: This PSA begins with very serious faces behind masks, reminding the audience why we're all doing it. Then you can see the people's eyes in the ad change, because they're smiling behind the masks, reminding everyone we've got this.

We Are Compassion, We Are New York - Skyline99 Studios: This PSA doesn't have any dialogue, but for what it lacks in words it makes up for in images, with a simple message about proving how New York Tough we are.

Do The Right Thing - Ian Bell: This PSA is decidedly NYC-centric, but evokes a lot of the same hope reminicent of the post 9/11 NYC.

We Heart NY - Bunny Lake Studios: This PSA is also very NYC, but has a message applicable from Buffalo to Albany - "when we show up in a mask, we're showing up for each other."

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