It probably doesn't feel like it because the sun is out and you can see the grass on your lawn, but we are just days away from Christmas.  How much shopping do you have left?

If you haven't gotten started yet, you're going to need to start strategizing pretty fast.

This year feels a little different than it has in the past. Years ago, everyone did their shopping at the mall.  I feel really old when I have to tell my kids how busy the malls used to get, especially around the holidays.  We would be elbow to elbow in those aisles!

Now, a lot of people do their shopping online and have it delivered right to their door.  It's a great plan until that gift doesn't come in time and you're left trying to explain to someone on Christmas morning what is still coming for them in the mail long after Christmas has come and gone.  This year with the supply chain issues we've experienced, it can be a real concern.

We went to the mall this past weekend and were very pleasantly surprised with how it went.  Not only were there not a ton of people to wade through, but everything we were looking for was in stock!

So what is the perfect time to go to the mall if you still need to get some gifts?

Google is able to determine approximately how many people are at the mall by adding up people who have checked in there at specific times of the day.

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