Self-checkout has been a pain in the neck for a long time.  Now, a story has come out that might make the store look into what's going on at those registers a little closer.

How many times have you heard people complain about having to do self-checkout at the grocery store?  A lot of people hate it and now, some stores are even starting to back peddle a little about how great it is for the stores.

Many of the stores have been citing theft as a reason to go back to employees cashing people out.  But what if it wasn't just dishonesty that was costing them money?  A recent story says that it's possible there might be more going on at the registers that could be causing them to lose money.

Walmart has admitted that their self-checkout registers could have been charging you the wrong prices for a couple of days. In March, Walmart Inc got a warning that customers were seeing prices that were incorrect at the registers.  Some of the prices were higher than they should have been, and some were lower.

According to Bloomberg, the issue went on for a couple of days.

"Walmart acknowledged that a breakdown resulted in the company overcharging customers." - Bloomberg

Walmart did not disclose which stores were affected by the issue but has said that 80% of the people who were overcharged have already been reimbursed.

Now legal experts are trying to decide if more action will need to be taken as consumer protection laws were probably violated.

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