As you continue to put up the Halloween decorations this week, make sure to keep your shorts around.

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We are expected to see a major warm-up across Western New York later this week. Starting on Thursday we could see high temperatures that are nearly 10 degrees above the average for October in Buffalo.

The National Weather Service in Buffalo is calling for high temperatures around 77 degrees for Thursday and Friday. On average, the daily high temperature for Buffalo in the first week of October is around 68 degrees.

While it will be warmer this week, it will also be a bit wetter than normal. Coming off a very wet Monday and Tuesday, rain is back in the forecast for the weekend, with showers expected to return to the area on Friday and last thru the weekend.

The warm weather trend will continue through the weekend into Monday where the expected high is going around 73 degrees which is around 5 degrees high than normal.

It has been a weird weather year in Western New York so far this year. August was the hottest August ever in Western New York history. This past July was also the wettest month of the year as well.

Hopefully, as we get into the tail end of the year we won't see any records for the most snowfall or other crazy weather records.

Remember it was 15 years ago in 2006 when we had that surprise massive snowstorm that blanketed much of Western New York in several feet of snow.


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