It could be the busiest year yet in Rockefeller Center in New York City. The COVID pandemic is over and people are traveling and visiting in record numbers. The TSA reported that last Sunday was a record for the amount of people traveling through airports in the United States.

When the Holidays arrive, one of the most popular attractions is the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. This year's tree is 80 foot tall and sure is a beauty! However, after a recent event in Washington, there is a new concern that maintenance officials and workers are aware of.

The weather is always a factor when it comes to placing a tree that large and keeping it vertical. Think about the tree you put up in your home. It is most likely 6-8 feet tall? It can be a challenging getting that tree to stay where you want it in the tree stand and the you have to make sure it is straight. Doing that with a tree that is ten times bigger in the outdoors is a major challenge.

The National Tree fell over after a gust of wind and those who keep an eye on the tree in New York City are making sure it doesn't happen there.

Beside Mother Nature, safety and security officials are beefing up the efforts to keep people safe this Holiday around New York's most famous tree.

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This house, located at 25 Tarring St, Staten Island, NY, is an absolute bargain for what you’re getting. The price tag may seem high, at $1,248,888 according to Zillow, but the house is in highly sought after Oakwood Heights. It’s a 4-bed, 4-bath cozy elegant home with a double-sided front porch that takes you into a striking entry foyer. There is a stunning tile mosaic with closets on both sides, and in the bedroom, you will have a dressing room, a private bath, and a walk-in closet!

You can take an inside look of this elegant home below.

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