Make sure you pass this one along. If you do ANY shopping on your phone, make sure you take a look at this.

Scammers are only getting better and better every year and this year, they're at it again. Fake apps are circulating that have 'great deals' for you and have 'the hottest items you can't find anywhere else'. Except for when you give them all of your credit card information, you're giving it to a scammer and you guessed it--you're not getting your purchases.

Fake apps are made all the time and are always getting flagged and removed, but as you can imagine there are way more this holiday season because there are many more people shopping on their phones.

Remember, if you think it is a scam, most times it is! If you see an app that looks fishy, has tons of bad reviews, a ton of typos or deals that seem ACTUALLY too good to be true--they are.