You know when you are randomly singing a song and you have no idea how it got there? You have not heard it in ages and then suddenly, it can't leave.

This morning during Clay and Company, we started talking about artists that we realllllly wish stuck around a lot longer. At least, on country radio we mean.

One of those artists is Ashton Shepherd. The song is 'Sounds So Good'. Remember this one?

Then we remembered all of the hits she had and how fun that, at 22 years old she was (and still is) a great writer and singer.

She is 34 years old now, but we had her at our acoustic show out at UB almost 13 years ago (yikes, where does the time go) with Jamey Johnson and Jimmy Wayne.

At the end of that acoustic show in October, the crowd was leaving, everyone was off the stage, except for Jimmy Wayne who was signing autographs and talking to fans, before he went back to go grab a guitar and asked the crowd the stay for a minute. At this point, though most of the people were gone or walking out. But, I remember Jimmy walking out over to the edge of the stage, no microphone, just his guitar and singing a song and it was quite the experience at a concert. Things like that just do not happen.

But, for the life of me I cannot remember what song he sang? Do you remember?

Hopefully, we get some live music again from Nashville up here in Buffalo and we can have moments like this again some time soon.

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