If you have never been to the acoustic show, you're missing out. It is something like you've never seen if you're a music fan. Three different artists on the stage at the same time, telling stories of their #1 hits and why they wrote them.

In this case, except for Jordan Davis and Jimmie Allen meeting at a couple shows before, the acts have never met each other before this week.

That completely adds to the random fun, chilling moments and intimate raw performances you see. Keep in mind. This lineup only happens in Buffalo. Nowhere else.

Here are the 3 best moments of the night:

1.) Jordan Davis played his hit 'Singles You Up'....and Jimmie Allen says "I love that one lets do it again", so he played it. Then Thompson Square joined in. It went on over and over and over again until Jordan Davis kept yelling to stop lol


2.) We kinda of knew this was coming. Jimmie Allen said "I'm going to make everyone on the stage get up and jog the aisles". Of course, some alcohol was involved, but this is stuff you don't see at an all-band show.


3.) Jimmie Allen was about to play his next song, but was so in awe over the talent of Thompson Square so, he asked him to re-sing their current hit 'Masterpiece' but without guitars. It's one of those moments that will never get repeated at a show. It's so raw and random and pure.

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