Midland is doing just fine with their "Drinking Problem," they're on the brink of a #1 hit and they've even shared the stage with Kenny Chesney. But does their song carry any real many for them? Clay and Liz wanted to get to the bottom of it!

The thing is Clay has a drinking problem...a big one. He can't seem to ever drink out of Hank's sippy cups. It boggles his mind how his one-year old can figure out how to drink out of a cup and he can't. So we decided to put Midland to the test. A simple chugging contest, which they should be pretty good at, who can finish their sippy cup first?

LOL. Not as easy as it looks and just cheesy enough for a radio video!

Look for Midland's new album "On The Rocks," September 22nd! You can pre-order now HERE.

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