The summer heat is on and it has been a record breaker in Buffalo. Can you imagine how hot a car must be in the summertime sun in the afternoon? It can get well over 100 degrees quickly and is fatal to pets and people if left inside.

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This video has been floating around that shows a police officer working to free a dog that was left in a car in the afternoon heat!

It is one of the biggest fears that I have being a dad with little kids. I always double check and even triple check someday to make sure that everyone has gotten out of the car. We have a 6 month old baby and I admit that I might be a little too paranoid about him in the car. He sleeps on our road trips and is very quiet. There are times you wouldn't even know he was in the car!

My wife and I have a policy to do one more walk around the car to see what, if anything or anyone, is still inside. We also leave at least one door open until we are absolutely certain it's all clear!

There still are plenty of hot days ahead. Even if the outside temperature is not too hot, it can get dangerous inside a close vehicle fast!

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