The National Wing Festival is this weekend at Coca Cola Field and The Wing King Drew Cerza stopped by and brought some wings. Last year he brought a HOT wing but Dale refused to admit it was hot saying he had no problem with it. So this year he went SUPER HOT! He warned Dale when he delivered then WITH gloves on! Here's how he prepared them.

So how did Dale do? Let's watch!

I don't think Dale will be testing his hot meter anytime soon. They really got to him

National Wing Festival happens this weekend at Coca Cola Field in Downtown Buffalo.

2016 Festival Hours

Saturday, Sept. 3rd 12 – 9pm
Sunday, Sept. 4th 12 – 7pm

Admission Tickets
$5 per day
Children 8 and under are free. Tickets are available at the gate.

Grab all the info HERE