Today June 1st we celebrate Dale Mussen's 40th anniversary.  It was truly awesome listening to the Clay, Dale and Liz show this morning hearing so many fans, co-workers former and current share memories and stories about Dale through the years.

photo by Wendy Lynn
photo by Wendy Lynn

You may have noticed a lot of food stories about Dale LOL.  Anyone who know Dale or has listened to him on air knows Dale love his food, especially FREE food. All of us at the office know that Dale will be first in line at any buffet and that's totally fine with us, we sit back let Dale go and then get in line.

I met Dale a few times before I started working at WYRK, I was working at one of our other stations 92.9 FM when it was a dancin' oldies station.  Dale was the guy in charge of our office phones.  Yep, I remember asking how to set up voicemail and somebody told me call Dale.  I was like Dale? Dale Mussen from WYRK?  Yes Dale who would help everyone set up their voicemail and could answer most questions you'd ever have about our phone system at the time.  It was a year or so later that I began on air at WYRK and met Dale officially at a Lee Ann Womack show at Melody Fair.  Dale is somewhat intimidating when you don't know him, I was a tad nervous but quickly saw that he is simply a big ole teddy bear.

They don't come much better and I'm honored to have Dale on my staff.  That's another thing about Dale, even though he had worked in radio and at WYRK for more years than me, he welcomed me as his boss with open arms.  I truly appreciate the respect and hard work he gives on a daily bases.  Dale Mussen, you're a gem, a professional and a friend.  I love ya!!

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