Even after 40 years in radio, Dale Mussen hasn't seen or done everything in Western New York. On Tuesday, he was able to try the world famous popcorn machine inside of Vidler's in East Aurora!

Growing up in East Aurora, Vidler's was just a routine place to shop. It is possibly the world's largest five and dime and offers a variety of items from kitchen utensils to toys.

But for most tourists, it's the nostalgia of the unique things you will find beneath the famous red and white awning, on the east end of Main St., in the Village of East Aurora.

From "Sandy the Mechanical Horse," to the fortune telling scale, visitors can't get enough. However, it's the $.10 popcorn machine that really is the most popular of all.

I have been telling Dale,  that even if I was blindfolded and placed in Vidler's, I would know I was there just by the sound of the popcorn machine. It has been awhile since I have tried it and the only thing that seems to have changed is the location (it moved over a few feet from where it was) and the bags that are used to catch the popcorn when it's dispensed. I recall a white, red and yellow bag, the 2017 version of the bag is a plain brown bag.

I was able to capture Dale's first crack at using the famous attraction. Judging by the smile on his face, it was worth every penny....all ten of them!

Vidler's is perfect for Easter shopping or just a great family outing on the weekend!