Have a snow day today? It may be your chance to blow off some steam and get out in the cold for some late winter fun! It's not just for kids anymore.

I noticed how perfect the conditions were for doing donuts on the way to work this morning. Although, I don't recommend you do this on anyone's property but your own, a donut every now and again is fun. Unless  the donuts are not intentional. That can be scary for some.

To add to the entertainment. The crew in this video took a chain or tow strap and went tailgate to tailgate with each other. A good old fashioned game of pick up truck tug o' war!

It looks like we have a good selection of trucks in this video. GMC, Ram and Ford all of which appear to have a diesel motor under the hood. One of the trucks is "rolling some coal for sure!"
Things get exciting when the drivers decide to let loose and blow some donuts in this parking lot.

I don't recommend this for anyone that isn't willing to pay for damages to your vehicle. Some drivers report damage to their power steering pumps during a "power slide" or while "drifting."
One of the threads that I found on a blog post site for diesel truck fans had the following:

"So I decided it would be fun to do doughnuts in the bird today. I did three or four, had fun, and when I pulled away, it seemed as if my power steering was not working. At a halt or low speed it seemed as if I had NO power steering. At speeds greater than 35 mph it seemed as if nothing was wrong. I drove about 10 minutes to my destination, waited an hour, got back in the car, same issue. I drove about 10 more minutes to my next destination then as I was parking, the tension on my steering wheel seemed to release and then my power steering was back to normal. Any suggestions or explanations?








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