It took one year.

How long does it take to get on a game show? Well, for the Brown family it took one whole year from the time that they auditioned for Family Feud with Steve Harvey to the time that they finally got on the show and their episode aired.

The Brown family from Buffalo beat out the other family last night and then went on to play 'Fast Money'. They only needed 10 points on the last question: Who is one person whose jokes aren't that funny, but you laugh anyway? They answered 'DAD', and that was good enough to get them $20,000!!

It looks like the Brown family was having fun even if they did not win the money, but, of course, that always helps LOL Imagine if your family was on there. Take a look at the Brown family on last night and then scroll down to take a look at their audition tape!

It is always fun when a Buffalo person is on a national TV show. A couple of weeks ago, there were not one, but two Western New York folks on Jeopardy! Not on the same show, but just a few days apart!

EXTRA: There are also a ton of questions that are asked on Jeopardy! that every single Western New Yorker should be able to answer correctly. Why? Because they are about Buffalo, New York. Quiz yourself! Here are some questions that have been on Jeopardy! that have been about Buffalo! 

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