Family Feud

WATCH: Stefon Diggs Gets Awkward On Family Feud
Stefon Diggs is just a cool dude.
He's just calm, cool and collect all of the time. Diggs was on the Minnesota Vikings when he filmed Family Feud a couple years back, and now that he is a bonafide Buffalo Bills star, we got hooked watching this all over again (You'll also see our boy Tre Wh…
Family Feud Looking for Buffalo Families to Audition!
People were getting super excited when they saw that Family Feud was looking for Western New York families to apply for the show.
They've come to the right place.
You may have gotten a text today from a family member that said Family Feud is looking...
Clay's Audition
Our family loves to watch Family Feud. Steve Harvey is one of the funniest guys I have ever seen and the best host The Feud has had. I figured we would put together a little try out/audition for the show!
I love 'Family Feud'...mostly because of Steve Harvey's reaction to contestants' answers! This one might take the cake as the most bizarre, random and all out dumb answer on the history of the show (although pork-upine ranks pretty high too)...
Major Meltdown
Have you ever been sooo close to winning big, only to come up with nothing in the end? If you're from Buffalo, a certain Super Bowl loss comes to mind (remember wide right?).
Imagine how this girl feels after her meltdown on the Bonus Round on Family Feud.