One of the great things about Buffalo and the 716 is that you can pretty much find a connection to Western New York wherever you happen to find yourself in the world. It really doesn't matter where you go or whom you talk to; you are nearly guaranteed to find someone singing the Bills Shout song or randomly saying Let's Go Buffalo.

That Buffalo connection reaches from the 716 all the way to Hollywood and some of our favorite game shows.

One of the most popular game shows around is Family Feud which has been on TV since 1976 when Mark Goodson created the show. The show was run on ABC and CBS before going into production in syndication in 1999.

Over the years, several Buffalo families and stars have been featured on the show. In recent memory, we've had the Smith family and the Kline family featured, along with a few stars from our favorite football team.

People from the 716 are great and do so well on the show that it now appears that one Buffalo family who has been on the show is being requested back for another go-around.

The Badger family, who consists of Nia, Liz, Demario, Jenae, and Moe, have represented the 716 for years and are true blue Buffalo backers. In a post on Facebook, family member Moe Badger, who is a Buffalo Police Officer and member of the Buffalo-based singing group, The Buffalo Cops, says they're back by popular demand.

The Badger family did pretty well in their last appearance on the syndicated game show. We know that all of Western New York is looking forward to their next appearance on the show, which is scheduled to air on November 10th.

Let's Go Buffalo!

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