If you happen to catch the latest episode of Jeopardy, you might have noticed that The Queen City was used as part of the answers.

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What is the University at Buffalo? UB was used in one of the answers last night on Jeopardy, even though the game used the University's original name "The University Of Buffalo" instead of its current name "University At Buffalo"

The answer was:

"The OED Found The University of Buffalo was the first to use the number denoting an introductory course, in 1929."

The correct question is:

"What is 101?"

Yep, that is correct. UB was the first university or college in American to use 101 for entry-level courses. It happened back in 1929, but the tradition of using numbers to denote the level of classes didn't catch on until later in the 1930s.

As for the name switch for the University At Buffalo. UB switched from Univerity Of Buffalo to University At Buffalo when the university was purchased by the state of New York and brought into the SUNY system in 1962.

The move to purchase UB was put together by then Governor of New York State Nelson Rockefeller.

Now, this isn't the only time Buffalo or Western New York was used by Jeopardy. The Queen City has been used in several different categories and featured in questions about weather, inventions, places, and history.

That is the cool part of watching Jeopardy is that you can always learn something new about the town you live in. I had no idea that the "101" college course numbering system was first used here in Western New York.


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