It was a cold day for a run. As a matter of fact, when the run started it was -22 degrees! A new record has been set for a human to run a mile at The North pole!

Paul Robinson of Ireland is training for the next summer Olympic games. But along the way took a slight detour to complete a lifelong dream of being the fastest man to run a mile in the bitter cold temperatures at The North Pole.

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 The conditions were perfect, blue skies and very little wind. Braving the temperature of minus 33 degrees Celsius (minus four Fahrenheit), Robinson ran the distance in four minutes and 50.95 seconds, which organizers say must be the fastest mile ever run on the continent. In his attempt, he suffered frost damage to his right ear, which can be seen in the video footage. He was technically running on water, a drifting ice floe on the Arctic Ocean near the Geographic North Pole. He said it was the hardest mile he has ever run.




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