If you've ever wanted to take up running, and you live in the Buffalo area, you're in the right spot.

With gyms still closed, many people have gone old school to keep themselves in shape and get that cardio in. If you've looked around lately, you'll see a ton of people out running these days. It doesn't get much more simple than that. Well...the concept is simple...you put one foot in front of the other. But if you've ever done it, it's a super challenging thing to do...and it's so good for you.

According to a study done by Smart Asset, Buffalo is 21st in a list of 95 large cities when it comes to great places for running.

They took lots of things into consideration too.  The factors that they looked at were the frequency of races, concentration of gyms, affordability and walkability to determine the best cities for runners nationwide.

As mentioned above, Buffalo was 21st on their list.  One of the scores that came in a little lower than others in the top 20 was the area of the city that were park land.  Buffalo was at 7.59% while many of the other cities were in the double digits or above.

One of the reasons many people choose the Buffalo Marathon to run and qualify for the Boston Marathon is it's tendency to be a much more flat run.  They have a good chance of getting their best time in Buffalo.

Whatever your reason, getting out to run is always a good choice.  It's good for you and in Buffalo, you can't beat the architecture to look at while you run.



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