As college and university campuses become busy and filled with students and staff, there are some creative ways that administrators are using to make sure social distancing is being done.

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One of the more creative videos I have seen was released by the staff at SUNY Brockprt.

"Be a good neighbor and if you touch it, wipe it" are just a few of the reminders that are given within the video. As one of the best college towns in New York State, Brockport is well aware that the students attend local bars and restaurants and are asking them to be responsible about their choices and actions when visiting the village outside of the campus.

The fall is going to be an interesting time here in New York. We have beaten the odds and flatten the curve. We know how to do it if it should become an outbreak. However, the challenge and the goal is to keep that from happening. Frustration has started to become an issue among many and those in their 20's seem to be the group that has seen a spike in infections.

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