There are lots of rules around what we can and can't post on our website...especially when it comes to music. With all the hype around Taylor Swift's new song we wanted to be able to share it with you but we came into a lot of hurdles.

We thought about having Keith Kelly play it on his piano. NOPE, not allowed!

We thought about playing it on instruments from around the studio. NOP, not allowed!

We thought about singing it ourselves. NOPE, not allowed!

So then we threw out having Dale sign it.... hang on...we maybe on to something!

It was an idea so obscure and so specific.... success! So Dale stayed up until 12:01 to be able to translate the song! He was one of the first people to buy her new single!

So here you go! Taylor Swift's BRAND NEW SONG - "Look What You Made Me Do":

Well, what do you think of her new song?

It turns out that she put a lyric video up on her YouTube it looks like Dale didn't need stay up, really he didn't need to do any of this. Here's her new


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