He lasted 65 days and made it to the final 9, but some earlier decisions led to his downfall and finally his eviction Thursday night on Big Brother.  Mark Jansen, the personal trainer and body builder from Grand Island did all he could in the final days leading up to eviction night in trying to convince the rest of the household to keep him in the game, but the plan had been set in stone.

Mark played about as classy a game as you could, but he just happened to align himself with a group of people that were eliminated one by one and he was the last of them.  By winning some veto challenges he kept himself in the game about as long as possible, but he was the target of the majority of the household this week and by a vote of 4-2 he was sent on his way to become a member of the jury that will decide the winner of the $500,000 grand prize.

Earlier this week, it was pretty obvious he was the next to leave after he was confronted about some earlier moves he had made and really couldn't come up with a good answer for them.


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