If you had to be cast in ONE reality television show what would it be? Let's make it a little more specific: a competition reality show.

Survivor? The Amazing Race? The Bachelor? Too Hot To Handle? Big Brother?

Each one is a different strategy, but all have a nice prize if you are the winner.

Britini D’Angelo is a 24-year-old Kindergarten teacher and she will be one of 16 guests competing for $500,000 at the “BB Beach Club". The show has already been filmed and will kick off next Wednesday, July 7 with an hour and a half premiere. Then it airs on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

If you have never seen 'Big Brother' before, it is a last-person-standing kind of show. Sixteen people from all over the country are cut off from the rest of the world and simply put in a house (this year dubbed the "BB Beach Club")

Last year there was a push to be more inclusive on the show, and the network that owns 'Big Brother', CBS said that they will have a new rule for Big Brother. For the upcoming season, they would require that 50% of all contestants be a person of color or an indigenous person for the 2021–2022 broadcast season.

During the 19th season of 'Big Brother' Western New York had a representative on the show as well. Grand Island native, Mark Jansen was voted off the show back in 2017.

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