Clay, Dale and I were in Memphis, TN to tour an learn about St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and the amazing work being done there everyday. In February we will be holding a telethon and will be telling you all the amazing things we not only learned but saw. We can't wait!!

While we were in Memphis we stayed at the historic Peabody Hotel. This hotel is amazing on all fronts. It is beautiful, well kept and the staff was amazing. It was a great place to hold this conference. One of the things that makes this hotel special is their ducks. Yes, the ducks. They have a group of mallards that live in the hotel! They hang out in the fountain all day and for the rest of the time they live on the roof int heir duck mansion. Twice a day they make the march down to the fountain and back up and it's an event every time. It all started in 1930's when the owner and the friend got hammered on a duck hunt and brought their live decoys back and left them in the fountain. When they woke up the next day they expected the ducks to be flying all over the lobby instead they were chilling the fountain. The rest in history!

Check out the march we were able to catch between sessions! Once the ducks are out of view look in the top right of the video to see the elevator.

You can learn more about the story and fun facts about the Peabody Ducks HERE!

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