You may have heard Wendy, Rob and Keith talking this morning about Buffalo On Tap and all the cool things that we've got coming.  It is all about the beer, don't get us wrong...but there's so much more too.

They mentioned that we had a woman who was coming to do a "curtain dance."  They're called aerialists.  The best way to describe them in my opinion is acrobats that work with silks.  You will often see them rolling themselves up in the silks high above the ground with nothing to support them but their skills and physical ability.

Maybe best to show a video instead?  You may know Pink from her song that she sings with Kenny Chesney called "Setting The World On Fire".  I will always remember her aerialist act as she sang the song "Glitter In The Air" years ago at the Grammys. (Skip to 2:20 if you don't want to watch the entire performance)

Here is another example that you may have seen on America's Got Talent.

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