Governor Andrew Cuomo provided an update on New York State's COVID-19 situation on Monday and he didn't have positive things to say about the Western New York region.

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According to WGRZ, Cuomo stated that "we need a real alert for the area." He says the "caution flag" is still flying for the region.

Rapid testing recently began in Western New York and it shows a 2 percent positive rate for the region.

1,200 rapid-testing sites were set up on Sunday by New York State in Western New York on Sunday and the positive rate for the region was 3.1 percent. Buffalo's positivity rate was 4.8 percent. The rest of Erie County was 0.6 percent, while Niagara County was 4 percent.

Governor Cuomo says that hospitalizations are ticking upwards. Cuomo states the region needs to comply and that local governments need to "enforce" compliance.

The new rapid-testing sites will be up through Wednesday.

The COVID-19 numbers around the rest of the state are trending downward. The state on a whole had a 0.9 percent positive rate on Sunday.

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