People are beginning to jump back on the Sabres bandwagon again. They just love this team.  And it's plays like this that help to add to the hype.

I'm not going to lie, this isn't a new highlight.  But I've watched it over and over again and every single time it makes me smile.

On Sunday afternoon, the Sabres played the Florida Panthers.  Its a game that the Sabres unfortunately dropped (5-3) but if you missed the game, there was at least one play that made people open their eyes a little wider and then say out loud, "Did you see that?!?"

It was like the part in Top Gun where Maverick says he's going to hit the brakes and let him fly right by.

Rasmus Dahlin is heading down the ice towards the Panther's end when he gets lined up by Florida's Mackenzie Weegar.  It was going to be a pretty brutal hit...if he could have connected....


Dahlin literally just stepped out of the way.  He hit the brakes and Weegar slammed into the wall in front of his own bench!

Dahlin comes back to Weegar after losing the puck and a small skirmish starts.  Dahlin gets a quick shot in and they both skate away.

Ironically Weegar actually had the better game.  He had the clinching goal that ended up sending the Panthers to the playoffs...but as JFresh points out below, that's probably not what people will remember from the game.

It's certainly not what Sabres fans will remember.  Although they're out of playoff contention again this year, it feels as though momentum is still growing for this team.

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