The weather is cold right now, but the good news is that it will get progressively better as we head into next weekend. High temperatures should rise into the 60's by Tuesday with a couple of 70-degree readings by next weekend.

That's pretty good timing, considering this weekend is a holiday weekend -- Good Friday is today and Easter Sunday is in two days. Dyngus Day is on Monday, for those of us in Buffalo.

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With Easter on Sunday, the grocery stores will be extremely packed between now and then. That means people in Western New York will be venturing to Wegmans to grab stuff for Easter dinner and/or family get-togethers, along with those getting groceries because it's the weekend.

If you're one of those people going to Wegmans this weekend for supplies, remember that early in the morning is the best time to go, with late morning to late afternoon being the worst time to go.

Also, please be patient.

Wegmans will have a full staff for the expected influx of customers. Even so, you're going to have to deal with lines. It's something that cannot be avoided. Be courteous to those workers who are working during the Easter holiday weekend. It can be very frustrating dealing with the crowds, missing or out of stock items, long checkout lines or lack of parking spaces, but everyone will be in the same boat.

Be kind and understanding when shopping for your Easter essentials at your Western New York Wegmans stores this weekend; that goes for any grocery store (Tops, Aldi's, etc.).

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