If you are looking for a sweet cold drink to enjoy this summer while the weather's hot, keep an eye out for this drink that you can get at Wegmans.

We've read all the books in our house.  We've watched all the movies.  We've even been to Universal Studios and tried Butterbeer ourselves.  And this is as close as we've found to that.

I saw that there is a Harry Potter Summer Camp but that will offer a full Hogwarts experience for your child but you'd have to bring your own butterbeer.  Well where in the heck would you get something like that around here??

If you like Harry Potter and you've always wanted to taste the delicious treat that students of Hogwarts go nuts about in Hogsmeade then you don't have to travel to London or Orlando.  There are recipes out there, but they're mostly just cream soda or they don't seem easy.  You can find something that is very close at Wegmans.  That's where we picked it up.  It's called Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer and we were amazed by how close it tasted to the stuff we had when we were at Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Orlando.  The only difference was the cream foam that they put on the top at Universal Studios.  Let's not lie, that stuff is delicious.

So what does butterbeer taste like?  It tastes a little bit like Cream Soda but it's different.  It's hard to explain until you've tried it.

Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer Vertical (Brett Alan)

They come in a 4 pack and they're gluten free.  Oh....and of course they're non-alcoholic so if you're ok with your kids downing 12 ounces of sugary deliciousness they're ok to drink them.

You can order them online but they aren't cheap!  They're only about $4.99 at Wegmans.  

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