The shortage bug is back and it has affected your love for rotisserie chicken! Especially if you shop at local Wegman's stores!

According to sources at Wegman's, because of the lack of rotisserie chickens available, they will be selling them at the top 18 stores in the Wegman's family. Many of them are right here in the Buffalo and Rochester area. It may be a good idea to check ahead if you plan on trying to get one for the family.

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If you don't believe me, let the photos below explain for themselves.

My wife and I always try to have a rotisserie chicken on hand. They are great for a quick salad and the kids love them to! They could be the perfect item to keep in the fridge for last minute meal ideas.

The shortage of available chickens has affected the large fast food chains as well. It was just last month that places like KFC had to remove chicken tenders from their menu and their advertising. The issue is not that there are less chickens. In some cases, because of staffing issues, there are so many chickens that can't be processed in time to keep up with demand. In other cases, it has been rumored, the chickens simply get to large for production and for use as a rotisserie chicken!

Bottom line? If you see one, grab it! There is no guarantee you will have a chance to get one to enjoy with the family before too long.

Wegman's own 106 stores along the east coast and throughout New York State.

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