Dear rude customer at Wegmans,

We're now at the point of the calendar where the service industry, as a whole, slows down a bit. That's not saying there are not busy times and busy restaurants and stores, there are those places at any time of the year, but after the holidays and the Super Bowl is a bit of a normal time for a grocery store like Wegmans.

I went to the Wegmans near me on Wednesday and it was right around the time that people get out of work, so it was probably the busiest time of the day for Wegmans. Every line that was open was full and backing up, which I've seen numerous times. I didn't mind, I decided to lean over the cart and scroll social media to kill a few minutes before I got up to the conveyer belt and register.

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However, one customer decided to be overly upset that there were no other lanes being open and started searching out an employee to open other lanes. She was relentless and even after a new lane did open, she wanted more open. She said "every lane should be open every time!!"

I get being mad you have to wait for a line, but many times Wegmans registers have a certain number of workers in that department and to open another register (which happens all the time), someone trained on register has to come from another department to work it.

This woman was in the line next to mine (the new one that opened) and would not stop complaining, even though she got what she wanted -- everyone noticed her anger. It was very uncomfortable.

This is not the first time I've seen this before, but definitely one of the worst experiences. I also don't like when workers who are clearly doing their best get yelled at by customers and then get the manager to tell on the workers.

Sometimes, the customer is being treated unfairly, but those are few and far between. I worked two stints at Wendy's and I learned that it doesn't really matter how nice you are, you will get angry customers who get mad at you.

99 percent of customers are sincere and nice, but it's the rude customers who make a scene that end up becoming memorable, which is unfortunate.

Be kind and patient, please.

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