What a sad day.

Major grocery chain, Wegmans, will be changing the way they do things and people are not happy about it. Wegmans sent shoppers a notification this morning that they will not be continuing to use the Wegmans SCAN app. The SCAN app was developed during the pandemic in order to decrease the amount of things that you have to touch in the store. It allowed users to actually shop and scan their items right on their phone. Essentially, this allowed shoppers to be able to go fast and skip lines.

It was great. It was convenient. It changed the way you shopped.

Wegmans announced that starting THIS SUNDAY, September 18, they are going to be discontinuing the app. Why are they getting rid of the Wegmans SCAN app, though if it was so great? According to their release, it sounds like they were having a problem with people stealing and/or accidentally not paying for things properly.

"Unfortunately, the losses that we are experiencing from this program prevent us from continuing to make it available in its current state"

Take a look at the statement made from Wegmans below. You can also see some of the disappointed reactions on social media.

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