A product that has been a staple on the shelves of Wegmans for years will soon no longer be available, sending their customers into a panic. 

Anyone who grocery shops has their list of “must-haves” that they pick up every single week. Sometimes it’s eggs, milk and bread, or maybe a particular condiment your family is constantly running out of.

For many of us (especially during football season), it’s a basic requirement that we stock the fridge every week with a couple of bottles or a case of our favorite brand of pop.

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Well, if one of your Wegmans go-tos is this particular brand, you’ll soon be out of luck.

Wegmans Will No Longer Sell This Popular Brand Of Pop

The news is out - Wegmans will discontinue their “Food You Feel Good About” sodas because the ingredients don’t meet their requirements. A sign was posted at their East Ave. location in Rochester, New York, informing customers of the upcoming change.

In a statement, the grocery store chain added, 

Our Food You Feel Good About® banner stands for no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. We are discontinuing Wegmans Brand Soda because it contains artificial ingredients like aspartame and high fructose corn syrup. We are committed to our mission of helping customers live healthier, better lives through exceptional food, and we want you to feel confident in our Wegmans Brand products.

Wegmans also said they have no plans of producing any additional sodas under the Wegmans brand, and anticipates selling out their current inventory across New York State within the next week.

Unhealthy Wegmans Soda Ingredients

Although aspartame is an approved sugar substitute by the FDA, studies have shown that consuming large quantities of it can lead to a multitude of health problems, including cancer. 

High fructose corn syrup is also widely considered unhealthy, upping a person’s risk of obesity and diabetes. 

Disappointed Wegmans Shoppers Have Theories

Many customers are upset at the news of their favorite Wegmans soda no longer being sold, and are left wondering why the store is just now deciding to pull it from the shelves.

Admittingly, it is odd that Wegmans couldn’t just remove the unhealthy ingredients and reformulate the soda so it lives up to the “Food You Feel Good About” standard.

Conspiracy theories have begun to circulate online, with many people saying it might not be due to the ingredients at all, but how expensive the soda is to produce.

Either way, RIP, WPop. If you’re a fan, you’d better run to your nearest Wegmans and stock up!

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