When it comes to superstitions…do you believe in them?  And if so, which ones do you hold strong to when it comes to game day?

We’ve seen players hold on to superstitions.  They’ll put on the right sock then the left one every week…never left then right.  Kickers will often take the exact same steps or squeeze the ball a certain number of times before they put it on the tee.  But it’s not just the players that hold onto those superstitions.  Some Bills fans get downright crazy about superstitions when it comes to games.  They’ll do anything to make sure that their team wins.  And they never want to be the reason why they lost.  You know the people I’m talking about…

They always sit in the same seat when they watch the game.  You can’t ever get them to leave their house because they’re afraid if they’re not in the exact same spot there’s no way they’re going to pull in a W.

They eat the same food.  If it’s nachos with a specific amount of cheese on them – so be it.  Maybe they need a certain brand of blue cheese to go with their wings.  You better hope that the store isn’t out of stock on it.  The person that believes in this superstition will search every single store in Western New York before they go without it.

Pet lovers have been known to even involve their pets in it.  Tell me you haven’t seen someone put a special collar on their dog.

Clothes are important too. If their lucky shirt isn’t on, or their special pair of underwear, they’ll definitely think the loss is their fault.  And cleanliness is never a problem.  Why would you wash a perfectly good jersey when a team is on a streak?  You could go an entire season without washing that thing, as long as the Bills are winning.

If you go to the games, they’ll often have to park in the exact same spot.  They’ll even pay extra or show up a day early to make sure it’s the EXACT…SAME…SPOT.  They’ll enter through the same gate, and even insist that they see the same security guard or usher at the door.

Whatever it is that you do...don't stop!  The Bills need to keep the wins coming.

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