In just a few short weeks, kids will be out trick-or-treating.  Don't be the house that is handing these things out.

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Remember when you were a kid and you would go out trick-or-treating, then you'd come home and empty your bag on the floor to start the trading process with your brother or sister and you'd find some weird stuff in there?

There was almost always someone who insisted on putting a few pennies in there or an apple that would get all banged up while you were getting in and out of the car.  No one ate those apples.  You couldn't trade them for anything.  And the pennies just weigh down a bag.

But even those things don't compare to some of the things that people have gotten while trick or treating.  I wasn't even prepared to hear some of the things people claim to have found in their bags.

Why in the world would anyone do this?  The one that really got me was the one where they said someone gave them a potato.  Then another commenter says that they thought there was a tradition where the person with the best costume would get the potato.  What?  Is this real?  Has anyone ever heard of this?

You would assume for a lot of them that they were just a lack of planning, right?  People who didn't expect as many trick-or-treaters as they got, then they just improvised so that they had something to put in the bag?  Right?  People don't really choose to give away brussels sprouts.  Do they??

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