Ever hear a concert announcement and go, "Wait, hang on.  Who is the opening act again??"  That is the focus of tonight's hashtag for #Hashtag Tuesday on Twitter.  The best part is, they don't even have to be real shows.  Make up any combination you want!

It’s something we do to kind of sound off on twitter.  I like it because it makes you feel a bit like a community and it gives us all a chance to get a bit of a laugh at each other.  Today’s Hashtag is…


So first thing’s first, make sure you are on Twitter .  Then make sure you’re folowing us there @1065wyrk.  Next all you have to do is put your tweet in a formula kind of like this:

@1065wyrk  The Dixie Chicks opening up for Toby Keith #WeirdOpeningAct

Again, remember, you can make these up.  They can be dead musicians, one hit wonder musicians, or not musicians at all.  Simple as that!  Have some fun with it.  Remember, the funniest or most thoughtful tweets will be highlighted in my Top Tweets post tomorrow.