My cat Kiki Dee is quite the character.  She's been known to tear apart stuffed animal toys, knock over plants, unravel the toilet paper if it's not placed on dispenser correctly, meaning it has be placed on the dispenser to spill over not under LOL.  But lately I've been seeing a red slipper that had been missing for quite some time.  Now this slipper has been seen in the living room then back in the bedroom, in the bathroom and spare rooms on any given day.  At first I though it was my brother's dog who's been staying with me, but I needed confirmation.  Today, I got that confirmation.  My security camera caught my sweet angel Miss Kiki Dee carrying something that doesn't belong to her.  I can't remember laughing so hard when I first saw this video.

Check out the slipper thief in action as she scoots from living room with the stolen goody!

Busted!!!  She's cute so I'll keep her.

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