It was a bittersweet time for a longtime West Seneca auto shop.

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According to WIVB, Don and Jim’s on Seneca Street in West Seneca is giving up the gas pumping part of their business after many years of serving motorists...but not before they decided to make a big splash celebrating it.

They decided to sell the remaining gas they had at the pumps for 99 cents!!

“Oh, they were lined up probably half a mile in two different directions, and just kept…one after another until it was gone,” said Don Krempholtz, co-owner of Don and Jim’s Auto Serice Center. “It didn’t last long.”

...and boy oh boy, did people take notice. After they posted the news on Facebook, people lined up both directions until all the gas was gone.

“It was a long time coming. There hasn’t been money in gas for the private shop in decades,” Patrick said. “And it’s not as easy as just not doing it anymore, so we had to make proper plans to be able to do it the right way to get rid of it.”

The auto shop has been pumping gas for 37 years.

I have never seen gas that low in my life. For 99 cents, I too would have been lined up around the block!

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