It is Christmas in July across New York State and for one kid in West Seneca, it is also a birthday to remember!

The West Seneca Police does social media better than most and they also go out of their way to interact with the community in some special ways.

When a kid's skateboard got broken, the West Seneca Police stepped in and helped out!

According to a post on Facebook from the West Seneca Police, the skateboard was broken intentionally.

Noah walked into the police station last week to report that a car intentionally ran over his skateboard that he just got for his birthday. After the case was assigned to a detective, they reached out to the West Seneca Police Benevolent Association, who without hesitation bought Noah a new deck. We can't explain to Noah why someone would intentionally run over a kid's skateboard, but we can try to restore his faith in humanity a little bit. We wish Noah a great summer of kickflips and that the man who ran over his skateboard gets a pebble in his shoe that he can't find.

There are many great stories like these around New York State of police lending a hand and going above and beyond. The West Seneca Police seem to ready to step in to help when they can!

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