The snow piles still stand tall over much of the Western New York area. Some are betting that the piles may be here well in to the spring and possibly the start of the summer! With a devastating blizzard behind us, there are now calls for a very important system to be put in to use.

The snow storms have seemed to become more spaced out but seem to be more intense around Western New York. The biggest factor is the lake effect. Being along two Great Lakes, Western and Central New York take a pounding when conditions are right.

But if the storms become bad enough, Erie County says it will be prepared to use the Emergency Alert System (EAS). The system is designed to alert people via phone, radio and TV. You have heard the tests before and this would be the real deal and would be followed by directions for you and your family that could essentially help you to survive the force of the storm.

The county would need to apply/do the proper paperwork to get things in place to use the system. But when it is ready, it is a very useful tool. I wondered why we didn't already have this in place? In tornado prone areas of the USA, there are sirens that are used to alert the area. It seems obvious to me that here in blizzard prone areas, we should have something similar. An alert that indicates the severity of the storm and the possibility that the storm and weather on the way is in fact life threatening.

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