Buffalo may be known for its chicken wings, but Western New York has more to offer than that -- and yes, I do mean TACOS! 

It may shock you, but Western New York has a lot of places that sell quality tacos, and if you don’t believe me, take a look at the top 35 taco places in Western New York, based on your votes.

Top 31 Places For Tacos in Western New York

Whether you are looking for a drive thru to quickly fulfill your taco craving or an authentic Mexican restaurant for a dine-in meal, these are the top 31 taco places in all of Western New York.

20 Restaurants In WNY The Food Network Should Feature

We love so many restaurants in Buffalo and The Food Network should highlight way more of them.

Buffalo's Favorite Leftover Foods

There is nothing better than after eating an amazing dinner, taking home the leftovers, and as you start to fall to sleep, dreaming about having that amazing food for breakfast the next day. 

25 Important Things You Need To Bring To Your Tailgate


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