Wings are a way of life here in Western New York. On most nights when people order wings they usually go with one of three choices when it comes to sauces.

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Hot, Medium, or Mild. That is the traditional sauce choices. Wings became a food staple in Buffalo back in 1964 when Teressa Bellissimo created the snack for her son's hungry friends while working at the Anchor Bar.

Since those first wings were invented, lots of local chefs have tried to turn up the artistry on the taste of the wings. But nowadays there are plenty of other choices of sauces if you want to take an adventure on the wild wing side.

From BBQ to Honey mustard, to Loganberry if you are looking for a different flavor profile on your next order of wings check out some of the best sauces in Buffalo that people are loving right now.

We asked on social media to share their favorite wing sauces outside of the traditional Hot, Medium, and Mild. From local restaurants take to homemade recipes we got tons of responses and wanted to share them so you can take your own wing sauce adventure.

So whether you are a drumstick lover or a flat lover, trying a new sauce might bring your wing-eating experience to a whole new level. And of course, if you try one of these amazing flavors and love it, please let us know and if we missed your favorite sauce outside of Hot, Medium, or Mild please share it with us too!

Western New Yorkers Favorite Wing Sauce Besides Hot, Medium, Or Mild

Thinking about going on a wing adventure check out some of the outside-the-box wing sauces.

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