A bull is on the loose, and it's already caused quite a ruckus on some of the roads and neighborhoods in the area. In fact, the New York Post says the 1,500-pound bull forced officials to shut down a part of Sunrise Highway Tuesday morning.

Patch.com reports that the Suffolk County Society of Prevention to Cruelty of Animals believes the animal to be a steer and not a bull as first thought.

The Post says the animal escaped from a farm in Manorville, NY, causing officials to issue a code red alert in the area. Suffolk police say the bull (or steer) was first seen around 8:20 AM in Mastic. This caused the part of the highway to shut down for around 20 minutes.

A report says the animal was then spotted again in Mastic, on Lafayette Avenue. You can't help but feel for the bull, as the animal was literally running for its life. News 12 says the animal was to be sent to a slaughterhouse in Moriches.

This is not the first report of animals on the loose on the roadways of New York over the past week. WROC is saying that sixteen sheep escaped a trailer and then made their down the off-ramp to I-81 in an escape Thursday.

There is no word exactly the flock of sheep got out of the vehicle, but police were soon called to reports of an animal complaint near the town of Homer, NY.

WROC says the breakaway was short-lived, however, as the flock was soon corralled at a residence on Route 90. Officials from several departments were able to bring the escapees back to the trailer without incident.

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