Towns and cities have personalities.  So do cars.  So if your town was actually a make of car, what car would your town be?

Chances are, you've seen these personality tests before.  They will pick something like ice cream and they'll describe your personality based on the type of ice cream that you like to eat, your choice of alcohol, or the toppings that you like on your pizza.

Well, if the subject was vehicles, what vehicle would your town match up with?

We've got a diverse population in our WNY Towns

In most places, you've got many different areas where people choose to live.  Whether that's a farm town, a fancy place, a place where it's super expensive to live, or a place where families have stayed for generation after generation, we've got them all in Western New York.

What "personality" or overwhelming characteristic does your town in Western New York have?  When other people think of your city or town, what do they think about it?  Is there something that stands out?

Our vehicles say a lot about us too

The same could be said for vehicles.  They're all meant to get you from one place or another, right?  But over the years, certain cars have personality traits associated with them.

Don't take it personally

Now, before you read any further, keep in mind that this is meant to be tongue-in-cheek.  It's a joke. We asked you for your suggestions on Facebook and through our app, and man did you come through!  Some of your responses were spot on.  Granted, some of them were a bigger stretch, but the list is good nonetheless.

What car would your WNY Town Be?

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