With Thanksgiving just over two weeks away, planning for the big feast is already underway for a lot of families. When you think of Thanksgiving dinner, most people think of turkey, but a new poll by the Food Network shows that turkey comes in only number two on the list of favorite things from the feast. What comes in number one?

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    Twenty-one percent say the one thing they look forward to the most on Thanksgiving day is stuffing.

    tiny banquet committee, Flickr
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    Eighteen percent say turkey is their favorite dish.

    ReneS, Flickr
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    Eleven percent say they're most excited about that after-dinner pie.

    Liz Davis217, Flickr
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    Mashed Potatoes

    Ten percent of the vote goes to mashed potatoes.

    Steven Vance, Flickr
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    Candied Yams or Squash

    Eight percent of the vote goes to candied yams...or squash.

    fauxto digit, Flickr
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